Fall Lawn Care Tips


Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

Mowing Height
For tall fescue lawns between 3.5 -4 inches. Bermuda & Zoysia Lawns Between 2.5-3 inches.

Rake Area Thoroughly
It is very important to continually remove all leaves and debris from the turf during the fall season in order to promote & encourage a healthy lawn through winter. Use a leaf or overseeder rake but be careful not to rip out existing grass.

Dethatch & Aerate
It is important to aerate lawns to encourage good root development before winter. Aeration helps loosen compacted soil and create a better grass growing environment.

Aerating and dethatching are best done when a lawn can take some abuse and recover easily. Fall is perfect due to the cool air temperatures and warm soil temperatures. Dethatching and aerating should be done before over-seeding to ensure the seed makes direct contact with the soil. Homeowners and landscapers can now rent from a large selection of machines that have attachments for de-thatching, spike aeration, and core aeration (for very compact soils with low water drainage).

If there is excess thatch present, use a dethatching rake to eliminate the dead matter.

Broadcast Starter Fertilizer
Use a Starter Fertilizer for optimum seed germination and quick establishment.

Broadcast Seed Over Lawn
Autumn is the best time of year to seed lawns. Newly germinated grass seedlings have a greater chance of survival in the cooler season. Use a hand spreader for smaller areas and a larger broadcast spreader for larger lawns. For a more even spread, apply half in one direction and the other half in the other direction.

Rake Seed In
Rake lightly with a leaf rake to ensure good seed to soil contact. Use the back end of a rake to press the seed down to avoid wash out from water run-off.

Water on a regular schedule to make sure seed and soil stay moist. Sunny locations and dry weather will require you to water more frequently. Using a timer will help you achieve an even growing environment.

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